No Scent Stories  

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PH Henk Brink endorsing No Scent.

"I have been a hunting guide and outfitter for almost eighteen years now.  The biggest problem both me and my clients run into is the wind.  We have started using No Scent this year and it has been a game changer.  I never head out to the stand without a bottle of it in my bag.  Thank you for making my job a little easier and my hunters more successful!"
Troy Zacchini:   Owner/Operator of Troy’s Hunt Club (

"As a PH (professional Hunter), hunter, and professional wildlife videographer I know the importance of scent control.  What No Scent now brings to the hunting world is a true "game-changer."   - Stephen Schwartz: Owner/Producer 'South Africa Hunting Journal." (     

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“I’ve used many products to attempt to cover or conceal my scent, but nothing really worked until I found No Scent. It Works, plain and simple.” – Dennis Wilder



This is the very first deer taken with "No Scent."    A beautiful 9pt scoring 143.   No Scent works!   



Congratulations to Ty Harris on this early season 9pt buck.  Ty took this nice buck at Timber Creek ( in Americas, GA.   Way to go Ty!   

Wayne Pickle @ Timber Creek.JPEG

Congrats to Wayne Pickle on your big No Scent 8pt at Timber Creek (!  Way to go Wayne!!!   

Brian Hinton.JPG

Daniel Dingman shot his first doe with a bow using No Scent!  He was upwind of her and she came in at 19 yards when Daniel took the shot.  Congrats Daniel!     


Congrats to Mike Austin on this Alabama monster.   A 15pt 4yr old that scored 204!  Does behind him, wind at his back - blowing into the food plot, the buck came in from 225yrds and was taken at 100yrds.   


Congrats to Chris Vogel on this beautiful 16pt Alabama giant!  Chris was on a walking stalk.  With No Scent he was able to get within 75yrds of this deer and make the shot.  No Scent Beats the Nose AGAIN!  


Congrats to Gary Milam, on this nice 9pt Southern Georgia No Scent Buck!  In just two days of hunting Gary harvested this buck and two nice does!   


Contrats to Andre Keeve on this beautiful 9pt No Scent Georgia buck!  Andre saw this buck at 350yrs.  Using No Scent he was able close the gap and get the shot he wanted to drop him in his tracks.  


Congrats to Matt Prose on his 9pt No Scent buck!  Matt, got down from his stand to get the shot - while being upwind! No Scent beats the nose again!   


Congrats to Mike Austin (Founder of No Scent) on his 9pt Southern Georgian No Scent buck!